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TriCal Inc. is a proud member and was a sponsor of The Almond Alliance Convention’s recent “Breaking out of the Shell” event. This year’s convention featured dynamic and engaging presentations, interactive networking opportunities, and expert insider perspectives. The Almond Alliance convention is not only a hub for institutional knowledge but also fosters strength, strategy, unity, […]

An In-depth Chat with Ian Hudson, PCA/Manager

This month, we had the opportunity to interview Ian Hudson based in Hollister, CA, for an in-depth chat about his role as a Pest Control Advisor (PCA) / Manager with TriCal Inc.: What is your role in the company? I work as a salesman covering Monterey, San Benito, and Santa Clara Counties. Additionally, I help […]

Meet Paul Cardinalli, PCA/Salesman

TriCal Inc. is proud to introduce Paul Cardinalli, one of our Pest Control Advisors (PCA) and salesmen based in Oakdale, CA. Paul has been an integral part of the TriCal team for 7 years, demonstrating exceptional dedication and expertise. His journey with us began as an intern while attending Cal Poly, and upon graduating, Paul seamlessly […]


In 2022, the pistachio industry contributed over $6.4 billion to California’s economy, ranking as the fourth-largest agricultural commodity in the state, following milk, almonds, and grapes. Our goal is to assess the impact of soil fumigation on pistachio orchard establishment, tree growth, and the potential acceleration of early yields. Last year, we initiated two multi-year […]

Stewardship Keeps Us All In Business

Being a good steward means taking care of what is yours, and at TriCal Inc. we prioritize the careful and responsible management of what has been entrusted to us. It is our job to have a strong team, to offer the highest quality products and services, to follow all laws and regulations, and to meet […]


We would like to thank the Almond Board of California once again for hosting the 51st Annual Almond Conference and for allowing us to represent our company, share our knowledge and connect with others in the industry. The conference was an excellent opportunity to further support the Almond Industry beyond sponsorship and field trial research […]

Introducing Landmark Irrigation

You have counted on TriCal for soil fumigation and soil health, count on Landmark Irrigation as your full-service irrigation dealer. TriCal is excited to announce its new partnership with Central Valley-based Landmark Irrigation. Since 1990, Landmark Irrigation has brought old school craftsmanship complemented by modern design and technology to the field of agriculture, dealing with […]


The TriCal Group recently hosted a meeting and had Samantha McLeod, Executive Director of the Georgia Pecan Growers Association and Editor of Pecan Grower Magazine speak to us and share information about the U.S. and Georgia pecan market. We’d like to thank Samantha again for her time and for sharing with us. If you didn’t […]

Educational Outreach: Agknowledge Program in Salinas, California

The Agknowledge Program in Salinas, California, organized by the Grower-Shipper Association Foundation, is an excellent initiative that brings together key stakeholders in the Monterey County community to educate them on critical issues and public policies affecting the local agricultural industry. This program covers a wide range of topics, including food safety, food security, labor, immigration, […]

Sustainability Report 2023

The TriCal Group has just released its first Sustainability Report. “Sustainability has been a part of our practices from the start. We are one of the leaders in our industry in stewardship and research. We are committed to providing practical solutions to growers to enable them to continue to feed an expanding global population. While […]