Meet our Scientists

Day & Night. Night & Day. These researchers are thinking about soil. Ok, they are also thinking about their families, gardening, traveling, and soaring gliders. But they strive to make growing crops better one field at a time. With research, field trials, tinkering, and imagination. They come up with formulations, application methods, ways to reduce emissions, ways to optimize active ingredients, ways to help farmers with the never-ending fight on soil pathogens.

  • TriCal R&D

    Mike Stanghellini
    Director of Research & Regulatory Affairs

    Mike has been with TriCal since 2005 and oversees our R&D program, which includes collaborative research with other Industry Groups, Commodity Groups, the Private Sector, and University, State, and Federal researchers. Mike also oversees our Regulatory Affairs – local, county, state and federal; sometimes international. He is currently working on the best technologies and strategies to reduce fumigant emissions, like EVOH barrier resin films, and non-fumigant soil pest control tactics, like anaerobic soil disinfestation, biocontrol, and biological products. When he’s not working, Mike loves to travel to different beaches, mountains, and cities with his family.

  • TriCal R&D

    Matt Gillis
    Research Scientist

    Matt started with TriCal in 1988 and is our Agriculture/Fumigation Research Scientist. Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Agronomy, Pomology, Soils and Irrigation, and a Master’s in Agriculture – Soil Microbiology, he conducts Environmental Fate Studies and provides first-hand technical support for field fumigation related issues. With nearly three decades of experience at TriCal, Matt enjoys both the cerebral and physical aspects of working in the lab and in the field. He has published several reports on fumigant emissions and is co-authored in the Journal of Environmental Chemistry. When he’s not busy interacting with growers and other researchers, Matt spends his time soaring gliders, weather forecasting, gardening, and mountain biking to name a few.

  • TriCal R&D

    David Miller
    Associate Research Scientist

    David has worked for TriCal since 2008 and, as an Associate Research Scientist, is involved with a wide variety of research and development projects. These often include sampling and analysis of soils and gasses. Prior to joining the team, he worked as a Lab Technician in the seed health department of a seed and plant diagnostics laboratory after graduating from Humboldt State University.

  • TriCal R&D

    Rob Pappani
    Research & Regulatory Specialist

    Rob joined TriCal as a Research & Regulatory Specialist back in 2013 and has been heavily involved with the research team ever since. While his role is constantly evolving, Rob’s favorite part of his job is meeting and working with talented researchers, growers, and colleagues who make a positive impact on agriculture, as well as humanity in general.

  • TriCal R&D

    Kristi Sanchez
    Senior Scientist + Nematologist

    Senior Scientist and Nematologist Dr. Kristi Sanchez received her Ph. D. in Plant Pathology, specializing in Nematology, from the University of California, Davis. She has over a decade of combined research and field experience with UC Davis, the agrichemical industry, and the Plant Pest Diagnostics Center with the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Kristi’s expertise includes pest management of nematodes, morphological and molecular diagnostics of plant parasitic nematodes, and the development of experimental assays for nematode studies in the lab and field. Being out in the fields is one of Kristi’s favorite parts of her job! Kristi is a regular invited speaker on topics related to soil health, nematode control, and integrated pest management in orchards.

  • TriCal Diagnostics

    TriCal Diagnostics and TriCal Inc.

    TriCal works closely with the researchers over at TriCal Diagnostics, which is a team of highly experienced diagnosticians with extensive knowledge of field plant pathology and nematology, microbiological and molecular identification techniques, and agriculture and horticulture systems. TriCal Diagnostics offers disease and plant problem identification services throughout the continental US.