Meet our Scientists

Day & Night. Night & Day. These guys are thinking about soil. Ok, they are also thinking about their families, orchids, compost, and gliding. But they strive to make growing crops better one field at a time. With research, field trials, tinkering, and imagination. They come up with formulations, application methods, ways to reduce emissions, ways to optimize active ingredients, ways to help farmers with the never-ending fight on soil pathogens.

  • TriCal R&D
    Mike Stanghellini
    Director of Research & Regulatory Affairs

    Mike has been with TriCal since 2005 and oversees our R&D program, which includes collaborative research with other Industry Groups, Commodity Groups, and Private Sector. He also works with University, State, and Federal researchers. Mike also oversees our Regulatory Affairs – local, county, state and federal; sometimes international. He is currently working on the best technologies to reduce fumigant emissions, like EVOH barrier resin films and non-chemical soil pest control tactics, like steam.

  • TriCal R&D
    Matt Gillis
    Research Scientist

    Matt started with TriCal in 1988 and is our Agriculture/Fumigation Research Scientist. He conducts Environmental Fate Studies and provides first-hand technical support for field fumigation related issues. With nearly three decades of experience at TriCal, Matt enjoys both the cerebral and physical aspects of working in the lab and in the field. He has published several reports on fumigant emissions and is co-authored in the Journal of Environmental Chemistry.

  • TriCal R&D
    David Miller
    Lab Technician

    David has worked for TriCal since 2008 and is involved with a variety of research and development projects, which often include sampling and analysis of soils and gasses. Prior to joining the team, he worked in the seed health department of a seed and plant diagnostics laboratory.

  • TriCal R&D
    Ernesto Uytingco

    Ernesto has been working for TriCal since 2004. His role is to provide laboratory support, facilitate product studies for label registration, and conduct other research, as needed for different company research and development projects. With a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, Ernie is working on a method validation for analyzing 3-component formulations of fumigants that are being studied for registration overseas.