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For over 50 years, TriCal has stood for enthusiasm, expertise, and service.

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TriCal Inc. is brought to you by part of the TriCal Group, a family of companies committed to promoting the most beneficial soil environment for growers around the world.

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Customer Testimonials

“As a flower grower, shipper and wholesaler, our family business has relied on soil fumigation for decades. TriCal is our partner in managing destructive pests and diseases so that we can produce some of the world’s finest fresh flowers and foliage.”
– Mike Mellano, Mellano & Co.
“My family’s tree nursery is dependent on healthy soil in order to produce healthy trees for growers to plant. I have worked with TriCal for over 20 years and appreciate their professionalism and expertise.”
– Joann Stuke, Stuke Nursery Co.
“I had been growing tree crops in the Santa Clara Valley for 40 years and did not know about the importance of soil fumigation until I lost a cherry orchard to Phytophtora. Thanks to TriCal, I learned how soil fumigation could control this disease. They fumigated the land for me and the replanted cherry orchard became a very successful orchard.”
– George Rajkovich, Fairhaven Orchards
“Soil fumigation is key to preparing our soil for optimal crop health and growth and to comply with phytosanitary requirements. The increase in marketable yield is unmatched and we could not sell our plants without them being pest free. I feel good being able to supply strawberry plants to farmers, so that they can produce berries at a price that everyone can afford.”
– Elizabeth Ponce, Lassen Canyon Nursery

We Understand. We are Farmers Too.

This is John Ivancovich. He started with TriCal in 1989. John grew up on a fruit orchard in Cupertino, where his family raised apricots, prunes and cherries. John and his wife bought their own local farm in 1988 and planted their first cherry orchard in 1990.

They now grow cherries and hay. With his education (John has a BS in Civil Engineering and an MBA) and 30 years of experience, John handled a variety of responsibilities at TriCal: facilities planning, government affairs, safety support, and environmental compliance. John recently retired to focus on the family farm.

The best part about growing is…
– Customer appreciation for both of our crops.
– Sometimes when I am out in the orchard or field, the weather, flora and fauna are heavenly – making all of the work a real delight.
-When our children and grandchildren show up to help during harvest, or, when just visiting, running the fruit stand, and enjoying the place.
-The peace and quiet of living in the country. The stars are bright and beautiful.
The hardest part about growing is…
Weed control and having to spray the orchard at night. It must be done then, because the work must be done after the wind dies down – often, I end up spraying until 2:00am, then, getting a shower and some sleep.
Where does your TriCal world overlap with your farming world?
I have a good understanding of what growers need, and, how TriCal’s services are so important to them, and, what TriCal can do to support them.
Do you fumigate?
Yes, and, would not replant an orchard without doing so. I have encouraged my local farming friends to do the same, to their great benefit and appreciation. You get better growth response, and, earlier and greater production of quality fruit.