Regulated Application & Safe Use

Soil fumigants play an important role in agriculture, nursery, and greenhouse production.

Stringent US and even stricter California state regulations protect the public’s health.

The chemical properties that make soil fumigants so effective in managing difficult-to-control soil pests and diseases require caution and proper handling. Farming chemistry – “plant medicines” – used in soil fumigation are regulated as closely as people medicines. Maybe even more so, since fumigants are also reviewed for their total environmental impact. TriCal is a champion of field performance, public safety, and environmental stewardship.

Meet our Licensed and Trained Professionals

Here are a few of the qualifications that TriCal’s team of Pest Control Advisors (PCAs), applicators, and handlers must meet in order to carry out a fumigation:

Regulated & Documented Fumigation Applications

Fumigations are well-planned, thoroughly documented, and strictly regulated. A fumigation starts with the PCA providing the grower with a written recommendation addressing 13 specific areas, including worker safety, environmental impact, and a detailed plan for the use of pest management materials.

Public & Environmental Safety Precautions

Crops grown in healthy soil conditioned by fumigation have increased yields and plant vigor, and, thus, remove more carbon dioxide from the air than crops grown on non-fumigated land. Additionally, all soil fumigants are considered Restricted Use Pesticides (RUPs) and undergo rigorous research and testing before getting label approval.

All product labels contain:
• Emergency First Aid Information. • Allowable acres for treatment. • Notification posting requirements.
• How to handle fumigant. • Entry-restricted period. • Required personal protective equipment.
• Approved application method and rate. • Mandatory buffer zones. • Applicable tarp removal and re-entry procedures.