TriCal Diagnostics

Diagnosing plant diseases. Solving Agriculture Problems.

TriCal Diagnostics

TriCal Diagnostics is a team of highly experienced diagnosticians with extensive knowledge of field plant pathology and nematology, microbiological and molecular identification techniques, and agriculture and horticulture systems. TriCal Diagnostics offers disease and plant problem identification services throughout the continental US.

For grower help in identifying plant disease and support with IPM decisions, please contact us: | 408-612-6729

Our Approach To Diagnostics: The first step in managing plant disease is identifying the cause.

The low cost of clinical testing pays off for the high investment made in the crops in your field or greenhouse.

In today’s competitive ag business
world, it is risky to guess at the
causes of plant disease and
production problems.

TriCal Diagnostics is a lab-based,
clinical service that takes the
guessing out of plant disease and
production problem diagnostics.

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