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Stewardship Keeps Us All In Business

Being a good steward means taking care of what is yours, and at TriCal Inc. we prioritize the careful and responsible management of what has been entrusted to us. It is our job to have a strong team, to offer the highest quality products and services, to follow all laws and regulations, and to meet the needs of those in our industry. By incorporating these practices within the organization, TriCal Inc. works together as a well-oiled machine to best serve our customers and communities.

Teamwork makes the dream work, and at our recent Sales and Education Meeting, our employees got a chance to network and strengthen relationships. We started out with a friendly competition on the cornhole field. We followed that up with a fun and delicious meal together with lots of laughs and stories. While it may sound like we’re just eating and playing games, we were actually breaking down barriers and building real friendships that lead to greater innovation, collaboration and problem solving for our customers.

Safety is one of the core values within our organization, and we didn’t waste the opportunity to address this topic in our most recent get together. Employees that attended the Sales and Education Meeting were treated to a safety training covering a variety of topics such as: proper handling of hazardous materials, correct lifting techniques, wearing proper PPE and safety precautions when operating commercial vehicles and equipment.

Finally, it’s imperative to know the latest technologies, techniques, and potential hazards facing the industry in which we operate. In addition to our internal experts reporting on new soil and crop diseases, advanced diagnostic tools, exploratory field trials underway, and new developments in soil health sequencing, we also hosted Renee Pinel of Western Plant Health Association and Chris Reardon of California Farm Bureau who presented on trends in agriculture. Renee educated our team on Emerging Laws & Regulations, while Chris covered the State of California production statistics and how we all can and need to work together to grow awareness for practical farming solutions as we continue to face vocal adversaries.

By tackling these stewardship topics, TriCal Inc. becomes more productive, more efficient, safer and more effective. Success for our growers means success for our company. By equipping our employees with the skills and knowledge necessary to properly steward what has been entrusted to us, we can take better care of our customers and communities.

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